Music Therapy for Mental and Physical health!

It’s become more predominant that we hit the doctors clinic for any issue, however big or small. We never think of other options of getting it solved. We aren’t talking anything against the doctors here, but the people who don’t explore options and find some remedy in a way much better to get healed.

We have seen many people bombarding the clinic telling that the medicines never worked, without actually following doctor’s explanation of reducing stress levels!! So, wake up guys, come on! You need to check the root cause and give treatment to that, not the surficial problems first!!

We are often inclined in trying the safest routes here, especially for stress related issues, depression, and diet pertaining to it. Stress related issues are the most complicated ones to treat via pills and medicinesbecause the root cause needs some time and peaceful environment. Without this taking pills and bottles of medicines will only help you physically, but mentally the ailment still persists. EE UK call centre can give you better understanding for this.

Lifestyle changes are the need of the hour, and only that can help you in the long run, without any adverse effects. The most important part to note here is that they don’t disturb your other medications or interfere with them and they are least costly. So, you have all the necessary reasons to give a try and check out the amazing results. But one thing we need is the time and patience, not to quit in between.

Music is an important part ofeveryone’s life. Most of them use music regularly, daily under various scenarios. To wake up in the morning feeling fresh and rejuvenated, or while travelling, while cooking, de-cluttering, while bugged up at the end of a tiring day, we all tune to some of our favourite songs or playlists and sit calm.

So, music is a natural source with lots of healing power when tuned rightly. Mood and music go hand-in-hand. Few songs feel us energised, while few leave us crying, few make us jumping with joy with some attached memories. Hence music is seen as one with healing powers for certain medical conditions.

All forms have therapeutic effects, though music from one's culture will be most effective. Below are 4 medical conditions found to be healed via music, all with evidence.


Dementia is one state where there is loss seen in the cognitive functions of the person. Cognitive functions include understanding process, perception, awareness of one's thoughts and ideas. The causes can be a change or a disease, which changes the working of the brain. The changes can be seen sometimes instantly, sometimes it will be seen gradually.

Making decisions, judgements, memory power and thinking and verbal reasoning are the ones most affected by dementia.

Music therapy has seen effective results in such patients, by improving the memory, improving mood, reducing the symptoms of dementia and improve cooperation with daily tasks.


We often see many children affected with autism. Autism is a brain disorder that comes with many developmental disorders especially in communication and social interaction. Some professional also use a term called pervasive development disorder.

People with autism disorders have shown positive and heightened interest in music. This helps in aiding them in teaching verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It also helps in establishing normal developmental processes in the affected people. So, when there is a way, why not to try, rather than mourning over the condition. Yes, it may take time and it might be challenging, but music has the power to heal them, if not totally, at least partially.

Infant development:

There is no wonder in too manymusic released for those pregnant ladies, to hear and stay calm during the whole journey.  Why? It’s evidential that music played near the womb in the later stages of pregnancy leads to achild being more responsive to music after birth. Soothing music helps the new-borns to be calmer and less agitated.

Sleeping disorders:

Many people are affected by insomnia, the difficulty in sleeping. It seems a minor health issue but has a large complication over a period of time. It leads to low energy levels, tiredness during the day, learning and remembering issues and lead to depression and anxiety.

In older adults, music plays a vital role in setting this order back. Soothing music helps in relaxing the mind and allowing the sleep hormones to get activated and inducing sleep.